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Hair Loss

In high school had had cut all my hair off and had it 'boy' short for years! I wanted to grow it out but it just wasnt growing fast enough and I had heard ...

Got Creative, Now I Have a Hair Crisis!

And even though my hair is short now, compared to being long, no one has even said, "Oh, you cut your hair short!", I have gotten absolutely nothing. ...

Combing Hair

My only suggestion is to put her hair up in a ponytail if she will let you. This , too, can hurt her tender scalp. Also, I kept her hair short until she was ...

I Want to Dye My Hair... Is It Safe for Breastfeeding?

I would like to color my hair?? Anyone know if this is contraindicated? ... Then I remembered I had gotten highlights in it a short time before. ...

Hair Cut

One of my sons pulled on his hair a lot, too and it was better when we trimmed it really short so that he couldn't grasp it as well. Good luck! Helpful? ...

Losing Hair After Pregnancy

I cut my hair short-- if you don't, then yes, when it starts to grow back, it looks even worse. I remember my bathroom looking like I had slaughtered a very ...

Mom Seeking Hair Cut for 2 Year Old

Its a regular salon, so I go to her for my hair too. She is really great with the kids, very quick, but very good! My DD has a short little haircut and she ...

Static Hair

Read all 23 responses: "My 15 mth old daughter has fine, wispy hair that is a static electricity ... short hair styles photos · curly hair products ...

Curly Hair Salon

The stylist's name is Tan and I also have been to Claudia who has curly hair! And the Colorist is Levi. I live in Leander so I like the short distance I ...

Dog Hair

She has short hair similar to a Chihuahua. I put my clothes on for work right before I head out the door to minimize the hair that attaches. Helpful? ...
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  • try rubbing a dryer sheet in 2 answers "Try rubbing a dryer sheet through her hair, just not too much."
  • wide tooth comb in 2 answers "Get a wide tooth comb and detangling spray."
  • behind northeast mall in 2 answers "I know a great stylist in Hurst right behind Northeast Mall that would fix it without ..."
  • heard of the dryer sheet in 2 answers "I have also heard of the dryer sheet thing and if you are worried about chemicals ..."
  • detangling comb in 2 answers "Hi S., There is a detangling comb that you can purchase at AVON."