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Hair Cut to Stimulate Growth?

J.W. asks from Richland

Hi, My 19 month old daughter has very fine wispy hair. Some people have recently told me that cutting her hair will make it grow in thicker. I've always thought th...


Over 40 Moms...opinions on Hair?

E.E. asks from Denver

Okay, this is a silly question, but I truly cannot decide. I have nice hair, but after a bad dye job about two years ago, I got it all cut off. I asked for a pi...


How Often Should Hair Be Cut?

B.. asks from Dallas

I was sorting through pictures, and saw some pictures of us this time last year. My hair was at my chin. I haven't had a cut since then. Now a year later, it's over ...


Hair Stylist/Dressers Advice Needed.

C.T. asks from Atlanta

I have always had thin hair. After my daughter was born and I stopped breatfeeding my hair fell out by the handfull for about four months. Needless to say it got real...


Looking for Help with Dd's Hair

K.U. asks from Detroit

My daughter just turned 4 and I have always kept her hair trimmed short in a bob with bangs ever since she had hair enough to trim. Giving her bangs was way easier t...


Help for Damaged Hair

J.J. asks from Allentown

Hello everyone, This is a bit of a different question I have for all you wise people out there in mamapedia land. I just love this site. So my hair is damaged, b...


Need a Hair Salon in Arlington

E.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies I have just moved in to Arlington and need somewhere to get my hair done, I am looking for some place with walk in service if needed as well as good pric...


Hair Care Help!

B.B. asks from Phoenix

I am a mom of a beautiful little 3 year old girl. She has naturally curly hair, which constantly tangles, and she hates getting her hair brushed. I am hoping someone ...


Wanting New Hair Style/stylist

D.M. asks from Columbus

I am looking for a new hair stylist in the Pickerington area. I have been going to the same stylist for almost 4 years which I like OK, but have not been overly impr...


Help with My Daughters Hair!

S.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, my daughter is 12 and has curly hair, (ringlets), and is shoulder length. It's beautiful, but the weird thing is about 6 months ago, the texture has kind of chang...

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  • wide toothed comb in 4 answers "... ringlets.) Then I comb her hair, section by section, with a wide-toothed comb ..."
  • use a wide tooth comb in 2 answers "... oily hair, I wash/shower every morning) *I only ever use a wide tooth comb ..."
  • johnsons no more tangles in 2 answers "I also put on the cream Johnson's No More Tangles when her hair is xtra tangled."
  • use the thinning shears in 2 answers "I also have to have them use the thinning shears too."
  • by lorraine massey in 2 answers "There is a great book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey with lots of tips for curly ..."