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Help Ladies!!!! Need Advice.

is your hair just frizzy or is it a little curly If it curly try using products to maintain the curl and you can let your hair air dry I like KMS products ...

8 Year Old Fainting

My daughter just kind of slumped down and my sister in law paniced, the hair dryer and curling iron were coming down on her. She caught them and picked her ...

She Took Scissors to Her Hair!!

That just sounds plain cute no matter what - I have wanted to curl her hair but am afraid to use a curling iron. Also Daddy is taking her on a date to get ...

Baby's First Haircut - I Feel So Stupid.

I never cut my sons' hair ~ I just could not, just like you! My first son's hair was very thick and curling into beautiful big locks, he was walking around ...

Need Help with Activities for 19 Month Old

activities for kids · hair curling · children activities · fun activities · curling hair · wooden thomas · activities for children · house games ...

Hair Loss After Pregnancy!!

Unfortunetly, by the end of the next week my hair started falling out ... the hard way) and if your hair is curly, wear it down and let the curls go wild, ...

12Th Birthday Party for Girl

Also, you could do goofy hair styles. Curling ribbon makes great decoration for the hair. Also, you could do favors that go along with the theme. Helpful? ...

Looking for Non-glue Christmas Craft Ideas for Pre-schoolers

ornaments christmas · gift christmas · craft ideas · curling hair · cardstock · hair curling · card stock · arts and craft ...

My Hair Is Falling Out

Dont blow dry your hair, dont use rubber bands, braid it, dont use curling irons or straightners, get a cut that falls just right for your face frame and ...

4 Yr Old Disney Princess Party

Ribbons can be anything from the curling ribbon from the dollar store to ... They had their hair done up, too. The other was at home, and Cinderella and a ...
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  • your hair air dry in 2 answers "... curly try using products to maintain the curl and you can let your hair air dry."
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