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My 4 Year Old Has Baby Fine Tangly Hair and a Very Tender Head. HELP!

I have been trying everything to get a brush/comb through Emma's hair. .... So I told her Why dont you let mommy brush your hair with this baby doll brush ...

4 Year Old Refuses to Brush Teeth at Home

When he is at my grandma's every morning he will brush his teeth. My problem is he..." ... hair brushes · girls flashing · clean home · brushing teeth ...

How to Get Two-year-old to Brush Teeth?

i have a girl same age - make it fun i brush her hair while she does it - i let her do it whenever she wants i let her watchme do it over and over again and ...

Head Lice

-clean all hair brushes/hair accessories. I also learned that lice like to live in clean hair. I have known people who have put a little bit of product like ...

10 Year Old with "Greasy" Hair

Most people can not stand to wait and it really is not good to wash hair everyday anyway..Brush her hair and get all the oil through her hair, then wash it. ...


5) Boil all combs, hairbrushes, hair ties ...if they can't be boiled seal them in a ziploc bag or just pitch them. I replaced ALL hairbrushes and combs and ...

Can't Get Rid of Lice

If you havent done it yet talk to your daughter about how she shouldnt share hair brushes jackets hats etc with her friends at school That is how it is ...

Lice Advice

Oct 26, 2009 ... Yes wash her hair, then go through it with the comb (usually takes 3-5 hours to do this). Sterilize all hair brushes and combs. ...

Advice on Cradle Cap on a 4 Month Old

The thing that worked the best for us was to comb, not brush her hair, ...... What worked for mine was baby oil, on the head, then brush the hair with a ...

How to Get Vaseline Out of Hair

You could also gently rub her hair with a dry towel. You will be amazed how the natural brush removes oil. No offense to the other mammas, but I wouldn't ...
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