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Closed Tear Ducts in Newborns

Oct 26, 2009 ... Breast milk clears up that eye gunk (and many other baby problems) quickly, painlessly and it's free. Just squirt some in the baby's eye. ...

11 Month Always Rubs Her Eyes

Read all 18 responses: "My 11 month old is constantly rubbing her eyes and i was just wondering if anyone elses child has done this. ... Excessive Eye Gunk ...

Pink Eye

Hey daughter had pink eye last Tues and was given drops for it. Her last day of the drops is today. About two hours ago I noticed gunk coming ...

Green Discharge from 8 Week Olds Eyes

Worked for us, but our gunk wasn't green. It's good that the whites of the eye are clear - no true eye infection, just snot. :) I've heard of baby's eyes ...

Baby Acne and Matted Eyes

For matted eyes, clean with warm water and a cotton ball gently masssaging from the tear duct out. My little man had a lot of eye gunk for the first 15 ...

Pink Eye Help

Well don't you know she woke up this moning with a pink eye again! ... You would be amazed at where that gunk can survive! .... Excessive Eye Gunk ...

13 Month Old Eye Injury

Oct 29, 2009 ... It is in the white part of his eye and it is definitely not bothering him or inhibiting him in any way. .... Excessive Eye Gunk ...

Puffy Eye

She is 19 weeks and I noticed this morning her left eye is puffy. ... IF you are nursing, squirt some breast milk in her eye. .... Excessive Eye Gunk ...

Allergy Eyes

I work in a daycare and it seems that if there is green gunk coming from the eye it is in fact pink eye. It does take a while to clear up. ...

Pink Eye

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but sure sounds like you have Pink Eye. From remembering when my 2 kids had it the eye gunk & crusting only happens when ...
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