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Not Growing Pains!

Our 2 year old daughter has been complaining with left leg pain for months, we thought it was just growing pains until it did not go away. ...

Daughter Waking up in the Middle of the Night W/leg Pain

We have special growing pain lotion (relaxing lavender baby lotion) that we rub on there. We rub it on her legs before bed to relax her muscles. ...

Growing Pains

I always had growing pains (or "leg aches, as I called them) as a kid, only mine were in my knees. They were especially bad when it was rainy weather, ...

Growing Pains

My daoughter has woken up a few times crying about her leg hurting her. Mostly her knee. I was wondering if this was growing pains. I have never dealt with ...

Growing Pains??

I have a 3yr old daughter4 in Aug who experiences the exact growing pains She only gets these attacks at night Shell tighten & stretch her legs & just cry ...

My 2 1/2 Yr Complains of Leg Pain

It could something simple as "growing pains" (ages 3-12) or lack of Potassium/ Calcium intake. Growing pains almost always affect both legs and in no way ...

Leg Pain in 6 Year Old

They may be growing pains. I know, but I am a Girl Scout leader and one of my girls was having the sma problem. Her feet or legs would start to hurt and ...

Growing Pains?

For YEARS I have used these 2 homeopathics for my kids growing pains. .... Growing Child · growing pains legs · over the range microwave · bleaching ...

Severe Leg Cramps

I give him Motrin, elevate his legs & also massage his legs until he says it feels better. I've taken him to the doctor but he says it's just growing pains. ...

Son Complaining of Leg Pain

My dauther's Dr said it was growing pains but could also have something to do with the growthe plates in his legs and her Dr watches him. He is now 9 and ...
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