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Toddler Not Talking

He tested at his level on gross and fine motor skills, etc... but was indeed 3-4 months behind on his speech. Every state might be different, ...

15 Month Old Has Low Muscle Tone

What it sounds like your son needs is physical and occupational therapies to work on gross and fine motor skills. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...


Here in CT there is a program called birth to 3 where they come to your house and work with your child to develope fine motor skills or gross motor skills. ...

4 Year Old Might Have Learning Disabilities

We worked on eye therapies, fine motor skills, everything you can imagine. ... jump on the trampoline (she was very into gross motor activies) With children ...

What Do You Teach a 3 Year Old?

Well, I have been a prek teacher for almost 20 years and these are the skills we work on mostly: fine motor skills-cutting, pouring, building, lacing gross ...

Language Acquisition

Some children come into this world with an aptitude for verbalization, some with gross or fine motor skills, some with comprehension skills, etc. ...

7 Mo. Old Baby Not Showing Any Interest in Crawling

Gross motor skills just aren't his thing, but he gets there; .... Hmmm...he wasn 't on target at all except for fine motor skills - for instance, ...

Should My 3 Year Old Be Writing Letters?

He should still be refining his fine motor skills and will begin to correctly ..... what's most important are gross motor skills and the relationship to ...

Preschool Activities/learning Delays?

His gross motor skills have always surpassed his fine motor skills. He is very verbal and affectionate. He gets very frustrated when he can't do something ...

"Busy Bodies"

They work on gross motor and fine motor skills along with handwritting. Good luck. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...
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