grinding teeth in sleep

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Help, My 2 1/2 Year Old Daughter Grinds Her Teeth So Bad at Night, Any Advice?

My two younger daughters have major grinding problems while sleeping. My 8 year old used to grind her teeth so bad in her sleep..."

Teeth Grinding

I don't think it becomes a major issue unless they grind their teeth in their sleep...and that you wouldn't really be able to stop until she is older...3 of ...

Teeth Grinding

However, it can also be a sign of sleep apnea. One of my girls started grinding her teeth while sleeping, and I mean a lot. She also started snorig. ...

Any Mom's Know About Teeth Grinding at Night?

I myself am a teeth grinder,but it started in my later years now I have to sleep with a mouth piece in my mouth every nite.Pay close attention while hes ...

9 Month Old Grinding Her Teeth

My daughter is now 7 and she has been grinding her teeth in her sleep as long as I can remember. I also grit my teeth at night and I wear a mouth guard. ...

Teeth Grinding

My son used to grind his teeth really hard while sleeping, when he was one to three years old. Our dentist said that grinding during sleep is usually a sign ...

Teeth Grinding-10m Girl

Is this occuring only during waking hours? or does she do this in her sleep as well? My husband had serious problems grinding his teeth at night, it would ...

3 Year Old Grinding Teeth at Night...

I have a problem with grinding and gritting my teeth while I sleep. My teeth are really worn down and cracked, leading to dental bills. ...

Teeth Grinding

My daughter is 4 and still occasionally grinds her teeth at night. I know this because i still sleep with her. Grinding is completely normal as my dentist ...

Advice on Teeth Grinding

I grind my teeth so badly at night that I wake myself up doing it. ... They usually put the kids to sleep to work on their teeth and they goof off with the ...
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