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8 Month Old Bowel Movements like Balls

Try giving your baby peas, green beans, apricots, corn, applesauce and ... He would get so constipated as an infant, that he would cry every time he pooped. .... to cause mucus in many and mucus is sticky and creates ball-like poops! ...

Milk Allergy

My 7 week old was spitting up and pooping with every feed too, but now his pooping is slowing down (normal). Oh yeah - BURP! ..... 2 Month with Green Poop? ...

6 Week Old Bowel Movements

Usually if theres mucus in them that can be a sign of allergies perhaps to milk and if hes ... my daughter is 6 months old and her poop is still runny, ...

Possible Milk Allergy for 6 Month Old Baby Boy.

Milk allergies show up in the poop. It is either bloody or green and slimy. Gross, sorry! A milk intolerance might be the cause, but probably not a true ...

Possible Milk Allergy?

I stopped dairy before my second was born, and whenever I do eat dairy he has tummy pain and green poo. Dairy allergies are super common in infants. ...

Poop Concern?

Read all 9 responses: "Hello mommys, I have a two week old infant who I am ... My baby girl would have a runny poop every diaper change. ... Green Baby Poo ...

Little Blood in Stool

At about 6-7 weeks my little boy had bloody mucus in his stools. He would scream like he was in pain after I nursed him and when I'd get him settled down ...

When Milk Allergy Appeared

However, the Dr. told me that the green color also meant there was blood even if you couldn't see it. THe mucus is caused by the inflammation caused in the ...

Strange # 2'S Going on in 17 Month Old Boy

Sep 7, 2009 ... Next question Loose Green Stools in Teething 13Monthold. Report This. Comments optional. Share ... Poop Problems ... Infant with Diarrhea ...

10-Month-old with Dairy Allegery

Unfortunately, he is also soy intollerant (mucus in his stools). .... My daughter had extreme eczema during infancy, and a RAST test revealed ..... eczema was The Lotion from a Company we shop with that is all Green I would be happy to ...
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