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Lewisville vs Baylor Grapevine

J.K. asks from Dallas

I'm newly pregnant and also new to the area and I'm deciding between Lewisville Med. Center and Baylor Grapevine. Anyone have experiences they could share about eithe...


Mother Needs Things to Do for 10Mo. Son

J.H. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have advise how to get my 10mo. old involved in outside activities and what is appropriate for a 10mo old. I have primarily thought of language programs i...


Looking for Playgroup for Me and My Twin 15 Mos Olds.

T.O. asks from Dallas

looking for a few moms with children from 12mos to 2yrs in carrollton, lewisville, coppel area. Let's have some fun!


Working Mom Seeking Friends :-)

J.J. asks from Dallas

I have a 5 month old, and most of our friends have older kids or none yet. Live in Lewisville and would like to meet some ladies with similar interests. Also interest...


How Do You Decide What Activities to Put Your Kids In?

T.P. asks from Dallas

I'm starting a Kindermusik program in Lewisville and not looking for free advertising here, just wondering where you Mom's get the information that gets your kids enr...


Single Momma...

L.M. asks from Dallas

I am a single mother of two children. I am somewhat new to the city area, and am wanting to get more involved. I am looking for different ways to be able to do so. ...


Parenting Classes

D.H. asks from Dallas

I am a grand mother... Looking for some help for my young daughter in law. Does anyone know of any Child care or parenting classes in the Carrollton area? She dose...


What IS a Mom's Group, and How Do I Get Involved in Meeting People?

A.C. asks from Dallas

Maybe part of this is just me being homesick, but I'm really missing having fun and adult interaction. Not even sure how or where to meet people, since I'm not from t...


Seeking Moms Group, Frisco

D.M. asks from Dallas

I am a full time working mother of two boys ages 3 & 1 and it seems all the play groups are during the day. I was wondering if there are any play groups in Frisco fo...


Single Mom with the Blues

R.S. asks from Dallas

Mamas, I've always gotten great feedback from y'all, and I'm needing some now. I'm a single mother, 20 years old with twins. Some of you may remember some of my earli...

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