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Laptop for College

S.K. asks from Houston

Suggestions on good laptop for college freshman?


Do You Have a College Degree?

T.K. asks from Dallas

I was just curious. Show of hands, how educated is our forum of moms? If you have a college degree and have stayed home to raise your children, do you plan to retur...


Guiding Kids in Their College Majors

J.W. asks from Kansas City

Our (extended) family has been having many conversations about life post college particularly one's earning potential. My question is for those of you entered colleg...


Retirement vs College

J.G. asks from Chicago

Since there is a tension about this on the board, let's actually discuss it. Do you save more for retirement or for your kids college? Or do you save for both? And ho...


Advice on Computer Purchase for College

E.E. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is starting college this year and "needs" a laptop for homework, online classes, etc. She says that Apples are used by most colleges and are the preferre...


How to Find the Right College for My Daughter

M.R. asks from Terre Haute

My 14 yo started highschool this year and i started to think about:whats next?? Carrie loves to draw and create.In 1st grade her drawing of a horse actually looked l...


If You Went to College, What Was Major? If You Didn't, What Would It Have Been?

M.P. asks from Chicago

Just to switch things up from talk about kids!



L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Does anyone out there do screenprinting? Or are there any graphic designers out there? My husband and I have been considering starting a screenprinting business t...


13 Year Old Son Questions...

T.S. asks from Dallas

I have a few concerns about how to prepare my son for his future and I know as his parent that is my job. SO I am asking other mothers that may have experienced these...


Need Help with My 37 Years Old Daughter

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

30 years my 37 y.o.lived with me...She graduate college $ university , Received profession as Grafic design but can not find a job but continue to work at the b...

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