granddaughter s first birthday

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Not Invited to Bff's Birthday Party ... What Now?

G.K. asks from Norfolk

My daughter has been close friends with "Chloe" for the past five years. They're in the same 4th grade class, go to church together, and have been to each other's home...


How Much for First Tooth Falling Out?

L.J. asks from Portland

My five year old has a loose tooth and a couple of her friends in her Pre-K class have lost a tooth already and so she knows all about the Tooth Fairy. When I was a k...


First Sleepover : / What Is a Mom to Do?

J.H. asks from Columbus

My 6 year old daughter was invited to a sleepover which will be in a few weeks. I am very hesitant to let her go! NO, I'm not one the those mothers who keeps her child...


Should a December Birthday Girl Wait an Extra Year for Kindergarten?

J.B. asks from Chicago

My daughter's birthday is early December, so she does not make the 5yr old cut off by Sept 1st rule...I had really wanted to start her in pre-k this fall and enter he...


Throwing a Birthday Party for a 13 Year Old Girl!?!?

C.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello All! My boss just called and he wants me to put together a birthday party for his daughter who is turning 13. He is a single dad, and is at a loss to what she w...


Child Birthday Parties-am I Missing Something?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Usually we have at home parties. I think we have great parties. We go all out, but I try to be smart and frugal about things. I plan plenty to do, shop smart and tr...


Friends Having a Joint Birthday Party

L.C. asks from Houston

My very good friend & I have little girls with birthdates that are just days apart. My little girl will be 3 and hers will be 2. To make things easier on our mutual fr...


What Kind of Birthday Gift Would You Give?

A.W. asks from Washington DC

Hi Mamas! We were invited to a birthday party that is being held for our friend's two daughters. One is going to be 7 and the other 2. Can anyone help with what typ...


Party Ideas?

D.K. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any suggestions on different, fun things to do for a 10-yr-old's birthday. I'm planning for a granddaughter, so it's been a loooong time since I did a...


Looking for Ideas for a Birthday Party in Grapevine Area for a 3 Year Old

K.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies.... I'm looking for a fun place to have a birthday party for my daughter who will be turning 3 in May. I'd like to stay around the Grapevine area. It woul...

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