goody bags for 1 year old

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Goodie Bags for Birthday Parties?

C.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, at what age do you still give or stop giving out goodie bags? My son who is turning 8 wants to have a "cowboy" birthday party. I am not much of a party planner...


Birthday Party Treat Bags -

E.S. asks from Chicago

Looking for some ideas for an 8yr old (who loves sports) treat bags for his birthday party (18 of them, hoping to keep them reasonable).


Alternative to Goodie Bags???

T.F. asks from Los Angeles

My kids have gotten so many goodie bags this year from their friends b-day parties, and we end up with a bunch of bags sitting around with tons of candy and silly lit...


Goodie Bags for Sons Birthday!

J.O. asks from Cincinnati

I am looking for goodie bags for my Son's 1st birthday! His theme is airplanes and wanted to do some kind of luggage, breifcase etc. Any good ideas or have you seen...


Bday Goodie Bags

W.M. asks from Nashville

hi ladies! My daughter is turning 4 in Oct and I am starting to plan. Every year I stress over the goodie bags...they are a pain but the kids love them. I wanted t...


Items for Treat Bags

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

I have to send in 28 items for treat bags to my sons school. It can't be food or candy. It has to be something like pencils or stickers. I don't want to do pencils...


Birthday Party Bags

K.T. asks from Tulsa

Hi my son is having a friend birthday party at a gymnastics gym. All of the activities are covered and so is the cake. I am needing some ideas on gift bags. I do n...


Goodie Bags: What Do You Spend and What Do You Give?

D.D. asks from Phoenix my first thought when I think of goodie bags filled with junk. One year I spend about $4-bucks on each goodie basket just because I hate the thought of "ju...


Gift Bags for Birthday Party??

D.D. asks from Charlotte

I am having a pool party for my two children turning 1 and 3 in January. I am renting out a pool with water slides, jacuzzi, lap pool. We are also providing pizza, po...


6 Year Old Birthday Party Goodie Bags

H.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, My son is having his 6 year old Birthday party at the bowling alley with 6 of hsi friends. I am looking for creative, original ideas for goodie bags or par...

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