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Baby Won't Take Poly-Vi-Sol Vitamins

It will be passed on through your milk. My Dr. told me while nursing to continue my prenatal vitamins for that purpose. Good luck to you:) ...

Prenate Elite Tablet (Prenatal Vitamin)

The Isotonic line of vitamins has a Prenatal vitamin that is in powder form that you mix with water and it tastes good too. The powder form mixed with water ...

Do You Give Your Children Gummy Vitamins?

Vitamins should supplement already good nutrition, so hopefuly they will be healthy with either form. I used to give me kids gummies, but my DSD thought she ...

Infant Vitamins?

I don't think they are necesary but... the do make infant vitamins that are ... enough and will need vitamins, and it is good to get them used to the drops. ...

Over the Counter PreNatal Vitamins

I used Twin Lab Pre-Natal Vitamins. There is a lady on it and it is on a pink label. I bought them on Amazon at a good price. I found them to not irritate ...

Vitamins for a 15 Month Old

I know what a difference supplementing with good vitamins makes in ourselves as well as our children's lives. It's so very important for ALL of us to ...

Need Advice on Prenatal Vitamins

You know you have good vitamins when there's no flourescent pee! Congratulations , -C. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Weird Behavior on Poly-vi-sol Vitamins

Follow your heart. I give my daughter raisins and foods with iron rather than having it in her vitamins. Good Luck to you ~ ...

Prenatal Vitamins - Brand Recommendations?

When I switched, I have had no problems. Hope this helps. Also another hint take vitamins at bed time, and you usually don't get sick. Good Luck ...

Prenatal Vitamins Easy on the Digestive System

Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. C.B. answers from Sacramento on August 6, 2009. Switch to liquid vitamins you mix in ...
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  • poly vi sol in 2 answers "I give my 18 mo old Poly-Vi-Sol by Enfamil, my pediatrician says this was best."
  • safeway vons brand in 2 answers "I used the Safeway/Vons brand."
  • patented delivery system in 2 answers "... science behind their product; the former scientifically patented delivery system ..."
  • pre natal vitamins in 3 answers "i had a lot of problems tolerating pre-natal vitamins."
  • give gummy vitamins in 2 answers "The dentist told us not to give gummy vitamins because they can get stuck between ..."