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Need a Good Ear Thermometer

Read all 11 responses: "Hi Moms. I'm looking for an accurate ear thermometer to use for my kids. Anyone know of a good brand that gives an accurate reading ...

Thermometer Recommendation

But I have this thermometer sitting in my Walmart online cart, because I plan to purchase it, since I also have heard nothing but good things about this ...

Taking a 1 Year Old's Temperature

I am currently using an ear thermometer and I'm not sure just. ... get as long as the batteries in the thermometer are good you should get a good reading. ...

Fast Reading Thermometer Recommendation?

... thermometer (for under arm and/or rectal)? My current baby thermometer is impossible to use as it takes..." ... Recommendations for a Good Thermometer ...

Trying to Get Pregnant

Get a good basal thermometer, be faithful about taking your temp every morning and chart daily. I used to even put the phases of the moon on my chart to see ...


You have to get the angle just right to get a good reading. My old ped (good Dr we moved) used the tempral artery thermometer by Braun and loved it. ...

What Kind of Thermometer Works the Best for a 2 Year Old??

I've heard the one your run across the forehead works the best but I have an ear thermometer I think works pretty good. I no longer trust the underarm type. ...

Which Thermometer to Buy?

But good deciding on what you want to do and if you get thr trmporal thrmometer ... we have both, the temporal and the ear thermometer and I like the ear ...

Tracking Basal Temp for Ovulation and Thermometer Recommendations?

'BD' is the brand name but I think they also make fever thermometers - make sure you get the basal body one. I think I got mine online through Amazon. Good ...

Safety First Ear Thermometer Instructions

Good Luck & take care A. C.. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... My 3 year old son did the same thing to my ear thermometer. ...
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