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Who Has Used Nutramigen and Changed to Another After a Few Months

I am thinking about talking to the Dr about changing we have talked some about moving to soy but I am kinda scared to do that I have heard Good Start is a ...

Formula Fed Baby--switching Formulas

We are trying to get her on to Nestle Good Start because that is what..." ... I would try what the Good Start help line said for switching formulas. ...

Blue Baby Poo

My 3.5 month old daughter recently started formula full-time, Nestle Good Start in the purple can. She has been pooping a blue/gray color ever since...has ...

Switching Formula

If you are going to change formulas I would go to Good Start. ... Carnation Good Start worked so well for my 2 boys, the comfort proteins really helped! ...

Switching Formula

I have free cans of Good Start that I hate to not use, since formula is so ... We switched to Good Start with my son from Enfamil because it wasn't working ...

Best Formula?

What's the difference between Enfamil Lipil and Similac Advance? And is Nestle Good Start as good as I hear? I know its cheaper..."

Need Advice on Picking Formula

Nestle Good Start sounded like the formula of choice, so I tried it. .... I used Good Start Supreme with Iron to supplement my breast milk. Good Luck! ...

Poll on Formula....??

please consider taking a good breastfeeding class before you even try to breastfeed That really helps you get off to a good start at least knowing what to ...

Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

My Dr. always recomended Good Start. I found it to be the most gentle and helps prevent .... (He's 7 mos so probably not good to start with the fast nipple. ...

Switching Formulas

i tried several formulas with my daughter and finally settled on NESTLE Good Start she seemed to like it and tolerate it much better ...
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  • costcos kirkland brand in 2 answers "I have heard Costco's Kirkland brand is the same and much cheaper."
  • good start supreme with iron in 2 answers "Hi M., I used Good Start Supreme with Iron to supplement my breast milk."
  • used nestle good start in 3 answers "I have always used Nestle Good Start, but I have discovered that since they added ..."
  • good start by carnation in 2 answers "I always had luck w/Good Start by Carnation!!!!I think the Whey protein did the trick ..."
  • also had breast surgery in 2 answers "... to not commit to anything until your baby tries it. I also had breast surgery ..."