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T.L. asks from St. Louis

So with my possible gall bladder issue I am on a clear liquid diet for 24 hours and then a BRAT diet for a few days. What all can I eat on the BRAT diet? So far I h...


Good Cleansing Diet..

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hey moms, So I am turning the big 3-0 next goal for my thirties is to be healthy skinner and happier with myself. I know how to loose weight...I know what ...


Pregnancy Diet...

S.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking to keep my weight gain at 20-25lbs this pregnancy but also feel sick if i dont eat often or nutritiously Did anybody have good success with a diet that I...


Breastfeeding Diet

A.B. asks from Cincinnati

Does anyone know a good breastfeeding diet to make me lose my baby weight and also some good exercises that will workto get the flab away?


GF/CF Diet

M.L. asks from Chicago

I don't want to divulge too much information about why I am asking but wondering: Have you or anyone you know been on the gluten free/casein free diet? What were yo...


HCG Diet

K.K. asks from Springfield

Do any of you have experience with the HCG diet? Did you purchase drops over the counter? If so where did you get it (what brand)? Or did you participate with a dr...


HCG Diet

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I'm considering the HCG diet (I still need to find out more details about it before I make a decision though). I was wondering if anyone has done this diet and can r...


How Do You Stay on a Diet?

J.G. asks from Madison

Good afternoon Moms! I am trying to diet...need to lose about 30 pounds, lost 10 already. I know how to do it...but I have a hard time staying on it. Any advice or...


Dukan Diet

D.K. asks from New York

Has anyone tried Dukan diet? Have you lost weight? Would you recommend it? As far as I know I am healthy, the last analysis confirmed it. I only have low blood pres...


Diet Drinks

S.L. asks from Houston

My hubby drinks diet sodas and I dont have any soda in the house. My 21 month old toddler always just dies for that can. Every once in a while we will give her a sip....

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