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Daycare Vs. In-home Childcare

I have been a registered in home daycare provider for over 16 years now. I have poured my heart and soul .... going rate for daycare · home daycare provider ...

Babysitting Rates

I see that you are in NJ but I'm not sure of the area. Anyway, around here ( Albany, NY area) the going rate is $150/wk and up for full time, home daycare. ...

What's the Going Rate for a Babysitter?

signup; login. Login with Facebook. Home ... I think the going rate is $10 an hour with one child to babysit. We have a 2 year old and that's what we've paid every ... how much to pay a babysitter per hour · going rate for daycare ...

Babysitting Cost

She will be babysitting a boy (6) and girl (8)at their home..." ... how much does a nanny cost · going rate home daycare ...

Average Babysitting Costs

I'm specifically speaking about in-home daycare. ... home daycare rates · going rate for babysitting · average cost of day care · babysitting price ...

Good Daycare That Is Affordable

They are currently at an in-home day care that will be closing their ... How Much Should You Pay for an at Home Child Care? ... Going Rate for Day Care ...

Should I Use Unlicensed In-home Daycare?

When I started the home daycare I weighed getting licensed or not and I found that it did not change the ... What Is the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy? ...

Vacation Time for Home Daycare Providers

My co-provider and I are starting our home daycare and want to know what home ... have to worry if grandma comes to town for a week that I am going to be out my income. ... If the parent takes the day off they are charged a normal rate. ...

Thinking About Starting in Home Daycare

if you are still planning on starting a home daycare. i have a 7 month old son and ... I have found that the going rate is about 25 per day per child. some ...

Hourly Rate for Nanny

Nannies normally do not work for an hourly rate babysitters do If you truly ... one year old naps She truly isme when Im not home I dont have to worry about ...
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  • dollars 10 hr in 2 answers "I would say any where from $5 - $10/hr."
  • think between dollars in 2 answers "... paid $10/hr but that is on the cheap side from what I hear. I think between $ ..."
  • holidays off with pay in 2 answers "I get all of the standard holidays off with pay like Memorial Day, Labor day etc."
  • dollars 10 an hour in 2 answers "I think the going rate is $10 an hour with one child to babysit."
  • kids per adult in 2 answers "I don't like that there are 4-5 kids per adult (for his age range). I wish it more ..."