going back to school to be a teacher

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Bored in Kindergarten-Help!

My daughter has a late birthday and we feared the same problem, so started her in school early. I would certainly go back to the teacher and push a bit on ...

First Day of Kindergarten Stories?

I love her teacher and she loves going to school. Today was 1st grade and we had no .... Dad flew home from Georgia for this but had to go back last night. ...

Unexplained Hives

Could he be stressed about going back to school? New people, teacher, friends?? Just keep the benedryl going and it will go away. The benedryl sticks work ...

How Do I Get My Teaching Certificate/degree?

Do I need to go back to school? If so, what schools have the best programs? ... Since you live in the city, you may wish to look into teacher certification ...

Teacher Certification Test Class

most schools require a bachelors degree plus the teacher certification, I dont think it has to be a BS in education. ... Thinking of Going Back to School. ...

Daughter Suddenly Refuse to Go to Preschool

Oct 9, 2009 ... After my oldest has been sick and home from school he doesn't want to go back, because after all, hanging with mom or dad at home and ...

Separation Anxiety Fixes for 4 Year Old

Today Landon was supposed to go back to school. He woke up crying about it. I reminded him that his teacher would keep a close eye on him and make sure he ...

What Do to About Job

I thought about going back to school for nursing or a teacher - something that I can work part-time at. Not sure how I would manage that though. ...

Advice Please! Teacher Wants to Medicate My Child

Sep 24, 2009 ... Go through many checkpoints before you actually jump back into the ..... A teacher, a principal or anyone else in that school that is not ...

Considering Having 10 Year Old Daughter Repeat 5Th Grade Next Year

I say that as a former elementary school teacher AND as a mom. ..... We did have a friend who was going to be held back, they happened to move to another ...
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