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GOD Vrs. FAMILY "What to Do?"

A.M. asks from Washington DC

Hi, everyone… I’m a little confuse, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, well the things is, I feel that lately my husband is not spending time with us (kids...


God Jff

P.A. asks from Los Angeles

Anyone asked HIM for help and been disappointed? How did you handle the disappointment? Did this ruin your faith or did you just wait patiently and see IF things work...


God Is Good.

M.R. asks from Detroit

I just wanted to share exciting news. My neighbors who did invetro twice to get their 1st baby, had given up on the idea of having another child after 3 rounds of fa...


I Am a Child of God!

M.R. asks from San Antonio

I recently requested some info, thank you ladies for all the advice and will take this with me on my journey through life.


Gift Ideas for God Daughter's 1St Birthday

M.A. asks from Lubbock

Hi Mama's I am needing ideas for a gift for my husband's god daughter's 1st birthday. Maybe a certain book? We usually just send $ for his other god daughter's b...


Love Problem

A.P. asks from San Juan

Is sex is Important in love ? Is kiss is Important in love ? Is love Restricate by culture ?


How Do You Introduce Religion and God to Young Kids?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

I have a toddler and a baby, I was raised Catholic but I didn't learn about God until I was about 12 (before that my parents had me pray at night and go to church dur...


Re-use God Parents??

L.C. asks from Chicago

We cant seem to figure out who should be our baby's God parents. We have already used our siblings and want to use immidiate family only, no in laws or friends. My ...


God Mother: Baby Turning 1

B.R. asks from Madison

So I am super excited that my best friend last child is turning 1 in a few weeks. He is the fourth born and is her last child and I am stoked that I am his God Mother...


How to Better Incorporate God into My Life and My Childrens

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

I am trying to be more spiritual and I was hoping some other Christian moms might be able to help. How do you fit in time to spread the word of God with young childre...

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  • restricted by culture in 2 answers "Do you mean is love restricted by culture?"
  • local christian bookstore in 2 answers "... about God (there are plenty of devotionals at your local Christian bookstore."
  • garth brooks in 2 answers "I love Garth Brooks song ""
  • your actions and decisions in 2 answers "... know you can't control what he does but you can control your actions & decisions."
  • talk about god in 4 answers "Then we talk about God (there are plenty of devotionals at your local Christian bookstore."