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Baby Allergic to Cow's Milk and Soy Milk

Try Goat's milk. If that doesn't work try almond or rice milk. ... Goat milk is an option. It's supposed to be easier to digest than cow's milk and less ...

Feedback on Rice Milk or Almond Milk?

We've alternated between Goat's milk, organic cow's milk (exept it's the ... We use a combo of rice milk and goat milk since my son has a cow milk allergy. ...

Need Experienced Moms Advice Regarding Raw Milk for Infants

I have used goat milk for 2 of my boys from very early on when I needed to ... With my 6-mo-old, I just got the goat milk right away instead of messing with ...

Goats Milk Instead of Formula??

Read all 13 responses: "My friend and I both have two month old babies. My little one is breast fed but my friend is having problems with milk supply.

14 Month Old with Recurrent Vomiting

I have you tryed goats milk? It is easy on their bellys . My youngest has dairy allergies. But he has been doing great on goat's milk ...

Putting 11-Month Old on Rice Milk.

Have you thought about goat's milk? I have never personally tried it with ..... I highly recommend going to goat's milk. It is closer to mother's milk than ...

11 Month Old Allergic to Dairy and Weaning from Breastfeeding

As a kid, I had neighbors whose 2 boys were allergic to cow's milk. They used to drink goat's milk. My SIL buys organic goat's milk for her 3 kids, ...

Where to Find Goat's Milk?

Read all 21 responses: "My 12 mo is not digesting milk well, and it has become apparent he is/has been sensitive to milk products.

Giving Cow's Milk to Babies?

My son's pediatrician recommended giving whole cows milk or goats milk to ..... And if she keeps refusing formula, and you go with cow's or goat's milk, ...

Raw Milk

Sep 16, 2009 ... goat's milk for 4 years. I believe that it is nutritionally superior than Soy and cow's milk (raw or processed). ...
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  • both rice and almond milk in 2 answers "The most common problem with both rice and almond milk is that they usually contain ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "Has she tried contacting La Leche League (brastfeeding consultants)? Gassiness is ..."
  • raw cows milk in 4 answers "... in law lived on a farm as a child and so did my husband they drank raw cows milk."
  • milk than cows milk in 2 answers "... it may sound gross but goat's milk is much closer to human milk than cow's milk ..."