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Gluten Free Products

My husband is GF also and is a big bread person, he likes the Gluten Free Pantry's French Bread Mix. Also, Kinnickinnick (sp?) has good bagels and the ...

Gluten Free

Also check out the Gluten Free Pantry (Google it) for lots of other things like cookies and some of the yummiest pretzels I've ever tasted. ...

Advice on a Gluten-free Diet

L., I tried the gluten free diet and had advice from a friend who has .... To start with, I have been giving things away out of our pantry that I know have ...

Food Allergies

I would highly recommend The Gluten Free Pantry. Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and even the King Soopers near our house all have good selection of gluten ...

Celiac Disease

We LOVE Gluten Free Pantry's Muffins & Scones Mix. You can just add blueberries in as many as you like before baking. We add chocolate chips & it makes ...

First Birthday for Son with Potential Allergies

Gluten Free Pantry, or Pamela's are great mixes you can find for several traditional treats...cookies, cakes, pancakes etc. I find them both at Fred Meyer, ...

Wheat/Gluten Allergy - Baking Advice

My two favorite "cheats" is anything by Gluten Free Pantry, they have the BEST mixes, spice cake (that I don't share because it's so good! ...

Autism and Diets Any Advise

I like the Gluten Free Pantry. I am gluten and casien free myself and my family has adapted well. I think it took us a couple weeks to try things and find ...

Seeking Advice & Recipies for Allergice Son

Finally, I have learned to bake gluten-free. I started with mixes - Gluten Free Pantry is good as are the Whole Foods mixes. I then bought a couple of ...

Celiac Mom Seeking Recipe

Also, GF Pantry has a good crust, the box makes 4 crusts. ..... by the way, i have a great, easy, gluten free recipe for pb/chocolate chip cookies if anyone ...
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