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Advice on 12 Year-old Shaving Hairy Thighs....

My 12 year old daughter has been shaving her legs now for probably over a year. ..... Let the hairy girls shave if that is what makes them feel comfortable. ...

Excessive Dark Hair on Daughter's Legs

When I was little my mom told me I was allowed to shave my legs as soon as I wanted to. ... At What Age Is It OK to Start Shaving for Little Girls? ...

Having "The Talk"

We are about to venture into shaving her legs she has had to shave under her arms for a year now. So wow things are different now days. She is a big girl in ...

9 Year Old Girl with a Uni Brow

Nine year old girls can be ESPECIALLY snotty to each other, and they look for ways to cut other girls out of cliques .... Shaving Legs/ Plucking Eyebrows ...


A long time ago, I remember shaving in the 5th grade, because some girl made fun of the hair on my legs, so I begged my mom. So, it's not just "these" days ...

Remedy for Dark, Thick Leg Hair on 7 Yr Old.

Shaving your legs, while it is a usual milestone in the teenage girl's life, isn 't going to prompt other adult activities from a 9 year old. ...

What Is the Best Razor to Start My Oldest Out With?

My 9 year old girl is begging to shave her legs because they are hairy-I am trying ... It's a big deal for girls to reach the "stage" of shaving their legs. ...

Mom Seeking Hygiene Advice for a 11 Year Old

I'm sure in the next few months she will be comming to you about shaving her legs as her friends start to shave their legs. I have three girls and I let ...

Mom Shaving a 6 Year Old. Creating Self Consciousness?

Aug 7, 2009 ... Doesn't this make a 6year old girl paranoid,self conscious, feel like she ..... How Old Should a Girl Be When They Start Shaving Their Legs? ...
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  • its the gilette mach in 2 answers "... any hair off... So I got her a nice non-disposable razor..It's the Gilette Mach ..."
  • razor and shaving cream in 2 answers "... are in the 6th grade...then I start them off with a safe razor and shaving cream."
  • had very hairy legs in 2 answers "... it is not bothering your daughter, I would say let it go. I had very hairy legs ..."
  • go ahead and let her shave in 2 answers "I think you should go ahead and let her shave."
  • uni brow in 4 answers "I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting her uni-brow waxed."