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Boy/Girl Sleepovers?

Oct 5, 2009 ... However, I've discussed this with the girl's Mom and we both agree that we'll skip ..... boys bedroom · the girls next door · free to watch movies online ...

11 Year Old Boy "Dating"

Aug 13, 2009 ... I have an 11 year old boy who's very interested in girls. ... holding the door open for you and other women, grooming, hygine, safty issues, etc. .... My daughter will be 10 next month. This past school year (3rd grade), ...

5 Year Old Girl Showing Her Private Parts

She still pees with the door open sometimes but she has realized what "privacy" and all that is now and is doing a lot .... girl or boy · the girl next door ...

Help! My Almost Three Year Old Girl Will Not Go to Bed and Stay in Her Room.

I lie there next to my 3 year old until she falls asleep every night. I play the same soothing music cd each .... the girls next door · harry potter 3 ...

Ideas for Birthday Party Games for 11 y.o. Girl

We'll be having a group of about 8 girls over, ages from 9-12. ... hannah montana music · outdoor games · girl next door · girl bedding ...

Need a Good Home-workout Video

I personally have been doing "Holly's Express Workout" under the Girls Next Door workouts because it is fast and easy (15 min.) so I stick with it! ...

Help! My 10Year Old Wants to Take a Girl to the Movies!

It is nice to know where other parents stand, both parents of girls and boys. .... they are supposed to and not the rated R flick in the theater next door? ...

Seeking Moms with 12 Year Old Girls Who Think There Grown

I mean, I took the door away from my home, no where for him to see. This definitely hits the ..... Next question: 5 Year Old Girl with a Serious Attitude ! ...

Opinion on Neighbor Noise

I run a daycare out of our home and our next door neighbor used to complain about the ..... Kids are kids & they are going to make noise esspecially girls. ...

Need Help Talking to a Teen Girl About Sex

I found that going on drives in the car my girls were stuck with me, could not get up and walk away and this is the ..... the girls next door · body anatomy ...
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