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Baby's Legs Turn Bright Red in Bath

baby's legs turn bright red in the bath. It looked like a severe one degree burn . ... My girls, when they were much younger had a similar reaction to a new ...

9 Year Old Daughter Maturing Too Soon

Jul 2, 2009 ... no even ready to shave her legs but everything else she has experienced. ... Girls are maturing too fast. It is all the hormones used in and on food. ...

What Is the Best Razor to Start My Oldest Out With?

My oldest girlnow 14 started shaving at 11 but I made her use Nair It is a cream hair removal that would last her over 2 weeks and she has really hairy legs ...

9 Year Old Girl with a Uni Brow

Nine year old girls can be ESPECIALLY snotty to each other, .... What Age Does a Girl Get Her Eyebrows Done? 19 · Shaving Legs/ Plucking Eyebrows ...

Restless Legs Syndrome in My 6 Month Old Baby

Just found out that my baby girl is Iron deficient, which is causing Restless Legs Syndrome. A little background- When my baby was about three months old I ...

At What Age Did You Allow Your Daughters to Start Shaving Their Legs?!?!

Aug 10, 2009 ... Girls are not the most kind and it's difficult to know when the right time would be to start wearing make up and shaving your legs also ...

My Daughter Wants to Start Shaving Her Legs

hi L ahh yes I remember that horrible time when i had to fight with my mother to shave my legs UGH I am glad to hear you are okay with it being a girl at ...

Daughter Complains That Her Leg Hurts

I've heard many little girls go through this with their legs. It's like growing pains. Give your doc's office a call though to verify. ...

When Should Your Daughter Start Shaving?????

Another girl at church told her yesterday that her legs were hairy. Does anyone have advice on when girls should start shaving or what is a good razor to ...

Daughter's Bumps on Legs and Arms

My little girl is 2 years old and she has tiny bumps on her arms (elbow up) and on her legs(knees up). Has anyone experieced this? What should I do for her? ...
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  • mom made me wait until i was in jr in 2 answers "My mom made me wait until I was in Jr High but that was way too late."
  • its the gilette mach in 2 answers "... any hair off... So I got her a nice non-disposable razor..It's the Gilette Mach ..."
  • uni brow in 4 answers "I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting her uni-brow waxed."
  • started shaving her legs in 4 answers "... shaving when they were ten but my youngest daughter, I started shaving her legs ..."
  • wore a training bra in 2 answers "I developed breast tissue at the age of seven (wore a training bra by age 11). I ..."