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13 Year Old and Boyfriend??

Oct 29, 2009 ... Girls are getting pregnant at 13....some 13 year old boys look like 18 ..... to have sex and they are bored with holding hands and kissing. ...

How to Teach What Sex Is to a 10 Yr Old Boy ....

I think the only thing she said was to be careful about kissing boys, because that's how girls get pregnant. So, from 6th grade until about 9th grand I ...

Depression in Ssecond Preg?

I felt the same way and was worried about it too I have 2 girls about 2 12 ... and loved your first including holding himher in your hugs and kissing This ...

Facial Rash ( 1 Mo Old Baby Girl )

... a woman we didn't know came up to us and said we should stop kissing our ... This is normal on most babies esp. girls because of the hormones from you ...

My 5 yr.old Son Is to Curious About Sex Stuff and I'm Very Worried.

as far as the kissing goes my son either gives me a kiss onthe foreheadas ... her that good girls do not do that That she should kiss on the cheek She would ...

Daughter Has a Boyfriend

I knew girls in grade school that were doing things with thier bfs that they shouldn't .... Keep bounderies, such as no sleepovers w/boys, no kissing, etc. ...

Looking for a Few Good Book Suggestions for a 6 Year Old Girl

Both have girls as main characters, in Magic Tree House it is a brother and sister. .... disney etc... the olivia books are great (falconer), the kissing hand ... Create a book club for her, she can make friends with other girls who ...

Mom Looking for Good TV for My Kids

There is also a lot about kissing. I realize that is what 13-15 year old kids ... I have two little girls that LOVE to watch it, and yes they do act it out ...

The Talk!!!

This book is one of the BEST books I have seen for little girls It talks .... Have you seen couples in the movies kissing and making out Ok Sometimes it ...

HELP! My Husband Will Not Stop the Critisim to My Daughters Boyfriend.

Oct 2, 2009 ... I've always suspected that most fathers of girls remember what *they* were ... her daughter who "wasn't having sex or even kissing" (as she ...
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