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I Need Ideas for Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl

Try clothes or stuff from Justice For Girls maybe even a gift card from there. It's a girls clothing store that sells all kinds of cool clothes, accessories ...

Dinosaur Stuff for Girls

My daughter loves dinosaurs (for 3 years now), but I find little clothing, room decor, etc out there for girls-- it's all very boyish. ...

My Girl Wants to Be a BOY - Advice Needed!

She likes to wear "cool" clothes instead of frilly girl stuff and doesn't care for "princess" or other feminine characters as decorations on her clothing or ...

I Need a Name for My Business

I am launching a boutique for little girl's clothing, accessories, room decor, etc but I can not find a name that makes me happy. Anyone have any ideas for ...

How Do You Get Rid of Desitin on Clothes?

Do any of you know how to get this sticky thing out of his clothes??? Thanks girls! Answer. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Dolls/Girls Dressing Alike

I don't want to invest in an American Girl doll for her just yet but she loves dolls also. I was wondering if any of you knew of a doll/clothing set that ...

Where to Buy Inexpensive Girl's Hair Accessories

i know you said walmart was still a little expensive. but, did you look in the girls clothing dept? they have a accessorie rack full of barrets, ...

Where to Buy MODEST Juniors Clothing?

Im not sure where you live and how you feel about second hand clothing ..but have you ... Try these on line, works great for my girls. ...

Mothers of Teenage Girls

I've also noticed that clothing seems to be skimpy in general for girls especially summer clothes. I would hold off on birth control they recommend that you ...

Looking for "Beach Wedding Clothing" for Boys

I'm having a tough time finding appropriate clothing for my boys, ages 2. ... My girls and I looked everywhere for sun dresses. I finally found one I love ...
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