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Kindergartners - How to Quiet Them Down!

M.K. asks from Columbus

Hi Ladies: I help out at school with the Kindergartners and the teacher and I just CANNOT get them to quiet down. I've never seen a group of kids like this that c...


Looking for a Good Book...

For help in raising my children, "Don't Make Me Count To Three" by Ginger Plowman. For help/encouragement in how to be a mom, "A Mother's Heart" by Jean ...

Need Advise on Discipline

J.J. asks from Kansas City

I have a 3 year old son who overall is a great kid but lately he has been very deviant. In that we tell him to do something and he just doesn't listen. For example,...


Recommendations on Good Discipline/Behavior Books for Toddlers

Also, Don't Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman is a MUST READ! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. More Answers ...

Recommendations for Books on Discipline

G.S. asks from Allentown

Well, my almost-15-month-old daughter has been at the age of active defiance for what seems like forever now - but certainly the last few months. I'm interested in f...


Advice on How to Handle a Back-talker

T.A. asks from New Orleans

My 4 year old daughter has the sassiest mouth I have ever seen. She thinks she's my age, and I don't know how to make her understand I am the mother. I blame myself...


Four Year Old Teasing His Brother.

J.G. asks from Lincoln

My four year old is constantly teasing his three year old brother. He loves to egg him on and call him a baby. If wins a game he say "na,na,na,na" and then laughes....


Ideas on Discipline and Behavior Issues

I highly recommend the books Dont Make Me Count to 3 by Ginger Plowman and Making Kids Mind Without Loosing Yours by Kevin Leman They offer good practical ...

Discipline for My 2 1/2 Yr Old

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I have a wild and wonderful 2 1/2 old boy. I am seeking advice for discipline. He has been wanting to get in to trouble - not listening to mommy, getting into thing...


"Needing Suggestions on How to Discipline Daughter After Being Too Permissive.

J.H. asks from Pittsfield

I have a three year old daughter who is raised primarily by me, her single mother. Her father is very strict and I am way too easy on her, which leaves her the oppor...

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