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Christmas Gifts

S.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello - I know it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but as I was leaving my son's daycare/preschool this morning I got to thinking. Does anyone kn...


Teacher Gifts

L.F. asks from New York

I feel kind of silly asking this question, but I am having a really hard time trying to figure out what to do. I am a very giving person, however this year money is r...


Gifts for Teachers?

B.N. asks from Tampa

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and is in daycare. She has two teachers that I would like to get gifts for but I am undecided as to what I should get. I really do no...


Holiday Gifts

M.K. asks from Eugene

It's almost that time of year again. I am so tired of family giving my children expensive gifts that they use like 4 times. It feels like such as waste. Does anyone h...


Birthday Gifts

M.H. asks from New York

I'm kind of obsessing about this lately, so here goes. My son had his 12th b-day and I put pics up on Facebook. One of his aunts saw it and wished him a happy birth...


Car "Gifts"

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

I asked a question a few weeks back about how to entertain my kids for an 8 hour car ride. (My oldest is TERRIBLE in the car and has hated car rides since the day she...


Returning Gifts

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

My daughter recently turned 1 and got a lot of clothes. None of them fit. People clearly either didn't listen or didn't care when I told them what size clothes she we...


Teacher Gifts

J.R. asks from Pittsfield

OK Moms, I need help with end of school year gifts for three teachers. My daughter will be grauating from preschool after spending two years there. There are three ...


Hamdmade Gifts

K.L. asks from Savannah

My husband and I would like to make some of our Christmas gifts for the family, but our brains are not giving us any good ideas. So far, we were thinking of aprons, ...


Gifts for a Genius?

M.K. asks from Fort Wayne

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. We draw names in my mom's family, and an uncle of mine is on my list. He happens to be a true genius. Not smug ab...

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