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Gifted Program CPS

Contact the McDade School for information on their "Gifted" Kindergarten program . Ted Lenart use to be the regional gifted center. In order for students to ...

Public Vs. Private - How Do You Choose?

In my career of teaching very bright, motivated, focused and hard-working students, I have taught less than five truly 'gifted' students. ...

I'm at a Losss, Does Anyone Know About A.D.D????

Some schools have a totally different class for the gifted students, some pull students out half a day a couple of days a week, and some have all day ...

Moving My Daughter from 1St to 2Nd Grade

I taught school for many years in the upper grades and researched school progams for gifted students back in college. I have a retired cousin who was so ...

Son Is Not Staying on Task at School and Not Bringing Homework Home

There are several in the Twin Cities that specialize in testing and behavior issues for gifted students. If you are interested, send me a personal email and ...

Gifted Education

Read all 11 responses: "I am looking for a school with a great gifted ... Some where the students in GATE are segregated into their own classes from 4th-6th ...

Daughter Having Difficulties with School/peers

I've learned the hard way that schools could do a much better job of supporting their gifted students - and if your daughter starts off well but the year ...

4 Yr Old Son with Late Birthday Ready for Kindergarten??!!??

Maybe a tutor or some kind of after-school program for gifted students would help keep him occupied while allowing him to socialize with children his own ...

6 Year Olds Making Friends

Nov 9, 2009 ... Some gifted students find it difficult to be "one of the boys" in social settings-we/he are very blessed that this is not the case. ...

Best Elementary Schools (Kindergarten) in Farmington Hills, MI

The DELTA Gifted Department provides support services for students of exceptional talents and abilities. If you believe your child has ...
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