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Teacher Gift

C.O. asks from Jacksonville

I am desperate need for some ideas for a teacher gift for my daughters preschool teacher. To give you some background my little girl is 4 and autistic she goes to a ...


Gift from Baby

J.C. asks from Amarillo

We are expecting our second child the week of Thanksgiving. Our daughter is 6 y/o. We want to get her a gift from the Baby that will be given to her at the hospital...


Unwanted Gift

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

I totaled my van this week and have spent days researching and searching for the right van to replace it with. My dad and I have had fun sharing finds with each othe...


Gift Ideas

A.S. asks from Kansas City

Please help!! I have no idea what to get everyone for Christmas/Birthdays this year. My oldest stepson turns 16 in November, has no interest in getting his permit, l...


"Shop to Earn ", Has Anyone Heard of It?

S.A. asks from Miami

Has anyone heard anything positive in reference to Shoptoearn?I saw it as a great opportunity but I want to know if anyone out there really knows?


Do You Shop Black Friday?

J.B. asks from Boston

The other question about Black Friday shoppers got me wondering whether or not people do BF shopping and why or why not? When my oldest son was a baby, I was a sin...


Gifts Other than Gift Cards!

A.G. asks from Milwaukee

I am trying to come up with gift ideas for teenagers other than gift cards. Gift cards seem so impersonal. I know the kids want to shop for themselves....but isn't ...


What Gift to Buy for Friend and Her Kids?

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, i have a friend who is leaving States with family for London. I am not gonna see her again. I want to buy a gift for her and for her 5yrs old boy and 1yr old girl...


Gift for 15Yr Old Boy

B.B. asks from Portland

I picked up a gift ornament at church today from the gift tree for a needy family. I picked, "gift for a 15yr old boy". Since I don't know who he is I can't get him ...


Graduation Gift for a Man

A.V. asks from Austin

One of our friends' is graduating with his EMBA. What would be a good gift? He is in his mid-30s. If the gift was for a woman, it would have been easier but I don't k...

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