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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

K.C. asks from New York

Hey Moms! I am invited to a baby shower for one of my co-workers. This is baby #2, but she didn't have a shower with the first one so there are still some things th...


Baby Shower Gift

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

I just started a new job a week ago and was invited to a baby shower for my supervisor and his wife's one-year-old they just adopted. I was just wondering if you may...


Christining Gift

C.S. asks from New York

Hello, A dear friend of mine recently had a baby boy and she is having a christining party for him. I am not a catholic so I am not sure as to what to give for a gi...


Baby Gift Giving

N.K. asks from Albuquerque

I just have a quick question about what is the correct protocol when it comes to giving gifts. Is it expected to send gifts to friends that you keep in distant conta...


Seeking a Unique Baby Gift

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

One of my close friends (and also my daughter's Godmother)is due in February and I wanted to come up with a unique gift for her. For my baby shower her and her husba...


Gift for Confirmation

K.M. asks from Dallas

My niece is being confirmed and having a party afterwards, is it appropriate to bring a gift? And if so, what is the appropriate for such?


Baby Shower Gift

A. asks from Lakeland

My husbands best friends wife is 8 months pregnant, and her MIL is planning her a baby shower. I have already bought about $40 worth of stuff that I have already give...


What would be a good baptism gift other than money?

A.S. asks from Detroit

I am looking for ideas for a baptism gift other than money. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Christening Gift

T.O. asks from Philadelphia

My husbands friend is having his child baptized this weekend. Do you buy a gift? If so what do I get? The baby is 4 months old.


Gift Card Vs. Gift

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi moms, My husband and I have ongoing debates as to whether gift cards are better than actual gifts. He prefers gift cards, saying that the recipient may not like o...

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