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Gift Card Wrapping

T.B. asks from Philadelphia

My MIL isn't the most gracious person when it comes to receving gifts. Which leads me to only get her gift cards. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to wrap...


Is a Target Red Card a Credit/debit Card?

C.R. asks from Dallas

I was offered on at my local target since I am a frequent shopper there. I asked if this was a credit card but couldn't really get a straight answer from the cashier....


Best Credit Card for Points

G.G. asks from Chicago

what is the best credit card out there to earn points? We typically have been paying our credit card statement off each month so looking for something to earn some po...


Photo Thank You Card

D.S. asks from New York

So, i read the idea of taking photos of our little ones with a sign that says thank you to use as a thank you card.... i took the photo, but now i'm at a loss! do i ...


Follow up on Teacher Appreciation Week: Appropriate Amount for a Gift Card

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

After reading your responses (thank you, btw!), I've decided to go with a gift card. We're new to the school -- my daughter just started earlier this month so we don...


Credit Card Debt

J.L. asks from Chicago

anyone have any experience with credit card consolidation? Are credit card debt is starting to be too much, and we can't use a equity loan to help may down are debt. ...


How Much Do You Give on a Gift Card for a Preschooler's Birthday Party?

C.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! My 4 year old son is in preschool with kids ranging in age from 3 - 5. He has started to get invited to classmates' birthday parties at the usual places (C...


JFF You Have a $25 Gift Card Burning a Hole in Your Pocket...

R.D. asks from Richmond

... you've got to spend it ;) It's a Macy's gift card. Do you drag the kids to the store? Go solo? Shop online? Buy something just at or around $25, or do you put it...


Credit Card Debt Help/advice

L.P. asks from Chicago

Hello. I am just interested in hearing anything you ladies have done to help with your credit card debt. I have quite a bit built up on my card. I am able to make mi...

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