getting ready for kindergarten

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October Bithday-Oldest or Youngest in Class

This yr he completes his older 4 yr old class that has worked well for him and this coming school yr he enters the getting ready for kindergarten ...

Should I Send Her to Kindergarten?

If she is ready for kindergarten, then holding her back will be doing just ... and end up getting held back then with a little more social stigma attached. ...

Need Advice on What to Do with My ADHD Son in Kindergarten

I agree and can't stress enugh the importance of getting your children tested. ..... It sounds like your son is just not ready for kindergarten. ...

Starting Kindergarten

My son's preschool has a class just for the five-year-olds who are really too young or otherwise not ready for kindergarten. I would enroll your daughter in ...

Taking Care of Themself

At what age should a child be able to totally get themself ready? ... He will have 3-day preschool in the Fall even though he is ready for kindergarten! ... the first week just to make sure he was getting the water at the right temp. ...

Kindergarten or Not???

... enriching program for my son who may not be ready for Kindergarten next year . ... ended up struggling academically and they keep getting farther behind. ...

Wanting Comments on Kindergarten Experiences

The key is getting to know your kids teacher. Knowing that you can always contact the .... is my child ready for kindergarten · kindergarten social skills ...

Help with Kindergarten Readiness

I just got my current issue of South FLorida Parenting Magazing and noticed the cover had an article about "Are you ready for Kindergarten?" ...

Kindergarten Consultants

I personally think it's ridiculous to hire somebody else to tell you whether your child is ready for kindergarten. You know better than anyone else. ...

My Friend's Son Having a Hard Time with Kindergarten

My husband and I getting our ducks in a row helped DS because then he wasn't ... It just doesn't sound like he's ready for kindergarten yet, and this could ...
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  • fine motor skills in 2 answers "... his age is 5, he may need to spend some more time on his fine motor skills ..."
  • tie their shoes in 2 answers "... to dress and operate themselves and their clothing as well as tie their shoes."
  • birthday and our cutoff in 2 answers "Our daughter has a September 26th birthday and our cutoff is October 1st."
  • why not give her the advantage in 2 answers "... of done until we were in late hs and college. Why not give her the advantage ..."
  • coloring in the lines in 3 answers "... my son still has issues with sitting still in his seat and coloring in the lines ..."