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K.K. asks from Saginaw

My teenager has a few blackheads in his ears...I'm sure its from wearing the earbuds for his I-pod, and all that grease and dirt just getting trapped in there... But...



R.M. asks from Minneapolis

Recently I have noticed alot of what I beleive are blackheads in my T zone. I have many young children whom sit on my lap and their hair is next to/resting on my chi...



D.N. asks from Chicago

My older daughters are 13. They are going through that wonderful growing phase that includes breaking out (note sarcasm--hated that point when I was younger). But t...


How to Get Rid of Blackheads?

M.G. asks from San Antonio

I dont know if im posting in the right category or not but I need some advice. Ive tried different face washes, creams, and nothing seems to work on getting rid of bl...


OTC Treatment for Blackheads

S.W. asks from Detroit

Hello MP!! :-) Sorry if this question is a little TMI...I'll keep it brief. I have three blackheads on my chin just below the left corner of my mouth that are pe...


"Blackheads" - What to Do for a 4Th Grader

L.O. asks from Boston

While I certainly had my fair share of pimples as a kid/tween/teen, I never really had an issue with blackheads. I've noticed that my 4th grade daughter seems to hav...


13-Year Old Boy with Blackheads- Need Suggestions for Getting Rid of Them

L.C. asks from San Francisco

My 13 year old has a heavy concentration of blackheads with some pimples on his temples, nose and forehead. He has used some over-the counter products, washes his fac...


Blackheads on 4 Yr. Old's Nose -- How to Remove?

E.M. asks from Chicago

My son occasionally gets a blackhead on his nose and I have a hard time getting rid of it. (He actually has dry, sensitive skin, so I find it strange that he gets bla...


How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast?

L.L. asks from Orlando

Hi! I never break out but I do get a pimple every now and then. I have a big one on my chin :( !! I am going on vacation & will be seeing my boyfriend tomorrow ni...


Acne Solutions for Pre-teens

J.R. asks from Saginaw

My daughter is almost 11, but has already been dealing with blackheads and acne for several months. I would like to do as much as I can for her without using a lot of...

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  • apple cider vinegar in 2 answers "I would try using Apple Cider Vinegar as an astringent."
  • dead skin cells in 2 answers "Acid dissolves dead skin cells for removal without stimulating more oil production."
  • warm wash cloths in 2 answers "I would try enlarging the clogged pores first with warm wash cloths - they can do ..."
  • tea tree oil in 2 answers "We used Tea Tree Oil around the hairline, and found it successful."
  • rinse with cool water in 2 answers "... thirty, if I skip a day and don't wash my face and rinse with cool water ..."