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Ants, Ants, Ants! 2 moms found this helpful ... The best- most effective as well as cheapest- way I have found to get rid of ants is ...

Ants in Our House!

We just discovered we have ants in our house and we are looking for a safe way to get rid of them. So far they are mostly by our sliding glass door that ...


I am just wondering how to get rid of ants? ... I am also having a problem with these ants,and would love to know how to get rid of them without paying a ...

What is the most effective DIY sugar ants in house remedy

Jun 29, 2009 ... I know this sounds crazy honestly I did not believe it at first but W-D 40 will get rid of ants. The key is to find where they are coming in ...

Help ! I Need an Exterminator for Big Black Ants

Well the ants are from a tree nearby and unless you get rid of the tree you .... The only way to get rid of carpenter ants is to find the rotted wood that ...

Fire Ants in My New House!! HELP PLEASE!!!

Of course, I also now have Terminix, but they DO NOT get rid of my fire ants in my yard! (Time to get a new pest control company for me, too. ...

How to get rid of ants in the house?

The only way to truly get rid of them is to have an exterminator do about 3 quarterly treatments, specifically for ants. He will bait them and they will ...

Just Spotted Tiny Ants

Read all 28 responses: "I just noticed tiny ants coming out from where my wall and floor meet. Ant suggestions on how to get rid of them?"


Go to any hardware store and get the Tarro ant traps. ... HELP! I Can't Get Rid of the Ants! 17 · Need a Safe Way to Get Rid of ANTS ...


Read all 9 responses: "DOes anyone have a safe remedy for getting rid of ants that is safe for a house with kids and pets? I need help!"
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  • terro ant killer in 3 answers "I second the Terro Ant Killer."
  • environmental pest control in 2 answers "we had the same problem and used Environmental Pest control, Dan is great."
  • boric acid in 4 answers "i think its called boric acid, harmless to everyone but ants"
  • boric acid in 4 answers "... Any cheap cheap toothpaste will draw them and mix it with plain old boric acid."
  • ant traps in 6 answers "My husband was at the local Fred Meyer's buying ant traps when a man wearing a uniform ..."