get rid of a cold

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Cold, Runny Nose Advice

this is from a friend who is writing a book on nutrition.. these are her remedies to get rid of a cold in 72 hours.. good luck! ...

Refusing Bottle During Teething? Common Cold?

My son and my daughter were about 10-12 months old when they get sick(with a cold..conjestion) and refused the bottle. I used the opportunity to get rid of ...

Nursing Mother with a Cold...

Read all 15 responses: "I'm nursing my son and we both have a cold. What over the counter meds are ... I have to get rid of the stuffiness and the headache. ...

Can't Tell If It Is Teething or a Cold???

I use the blue snot sucker, like you get from the hopital. Please excuss the raw term there ,but I don't know ... My 17 Month Old Can't Get Rid of Her Cold ...

What causes my 18 months old to cough without a cold?

It definitely doesn't seem like a cold or croup (cough that's like a barking ... he isn't able to get rid of it, especially when he's sleeping (lying flat). ...

Need Advice on Cold Milk in a Sippy Cup

Oct 27, 2009 ... I'm worried she won't get enough milk with it being cold and/or in a sippy cup ... so once we got rid of that one, the rest were no problem. ...

First Cold

The downside is that I believe she has caught a cold ALREADY (this past ... tot he doctors isn't necessary and so I'm trying to get rid of it on my own. ...

Cold or Allergies????

Without the itchy eyes this is more "cold," and so if you found an acupuncturist you could get rid of her allergy forever with some moxa heat on the point ...

Allergies or Cold?

She had a cold for two weeks, then two days with no symptoms then another ... Try changing her pillow sanitizing her bed and otherwise getting rid of any ...

How Do I Get Rid of Chocolate Cravings???

Oct 22, 2009 ... How Do I Get Rid of Chocolate Cravings??? Ok so I feel like I am addicted .... back on chocolate so you dont get that headache or if you go cold trukey dont ...
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  • cant count how many colds in 2 answers "First... You are SOOOO lucky. I can't count how many colds my son has come down with ..."
  • post nasal drip due in 2 answers "said it was probably post-nasal drip due to allergies."
  • build up her immune system in 2 answers "Build up her immune system with Probiotics (at the health food store) - there are ..."
  • hylands teething tablets in 3 answers "I also used Hyland's Teething Tablets; (they're homeopathic) and dissolve in the mouth."
  • him his milk in a sippy cup in 2 answers "Maybe try to give him his milk in a sippy cup, it may not work but its worth a shot."