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Potty Training in Daycare

Should a person take a week off from work to start or is it ok to ask the daycare provider to do it? Should she get paid extra? Thanks for your input. ...

Should I Get Life Insurance for My Baby?

I am wondering if I should get a small life insurance policy on her, ... Many policy that you purchase for children are paid in full when they turn 21. ...

Money and Budget Help Needed!

It's a fun place to work while getting paid a pretty decent amount. You get paid to talk to usually friendly women about stamps/scrapbooking. ...

Seeking Advice About When to Get Pregnant If Starting a New Job

Sep 18, 2009 ... I got preggo with my son right around the six month mark at my old job and never had a problem getting paid for leave. ...

Wanting to Get My 4 Year Old in to a Preschool Program

If not can I get some recomandations for a not so outragisuly priced preschool in the eagan ... I paid $25 a mo. her first year and nothing her second year. ...

How Do I Get My Teaching Certificate/degree?

Another route is to do a direct-entry program where you teach during the day and get paid and go to school at night. These programs look appealing but I ...

Seeking a Beautiful Place to Get Married in SA That Won't Cost an Arm and Leg!

Read all 9 responses: "My best friend is getting married later this year and ... the rooftop of a historic apartment building but we paid good money for it! ...

Argghh! How Do I Get Poop Stains Out of His Clothes?

What is the best way to get that stuff out? This is my first and I'd like to..." ... I never paid close attention. But I know I never threw clothes out. ...

When Do You Start an Allowance?

Aug 11, 2009 ... They get paid every other Friday not per week. At that age (5), $10 per month was sufficient for their extra spending money. ...

Being a Surrogate Mother

You can get paid for carring someone eles child; they call it child support. You don't have to carry multiples and you don't get "paid" nearly enough money. ...
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