get mustard out of carpet

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HELP! Red Crystal Light Spill!

It is almost impossible to get red out because it's a dye, but this Capture cleaner works really well. .... That stuff even takes motor oil out of carpet and sharpee marker off of a micro suede couch. ... Mustard Stain in Carpet! ...

Red Wine Stain Removal ~ How Do I Remove the Stain

I must admit, "Spot Shot" (I get it at Costco), is the best carpet cleaner! It removed dried red acrylic paint from our white carpet and has ... They actually have a product out there called Wine Away. ... Mustard Stain in Carpet! ...

Red Wine on Carpet!

I would try one of those "Oxy" cleaners that you can get anywhere - Target, ... Mustard Stain in Carpet! 8 · Getting Red Juice Stain Out of Beige Carpet ...

Mascara Out of Clothes

I've even gotten permanent marker out of our white carpet with it. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ... How to Get a Mustard Stain Out of a Shirt ...

White Couch Disaster - Good Stain Remover Needed!

Get it out with some warm water....if you have a shop vac, ... I have seen it at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the check out line ... Mustard Stain in Carpet! ...

Looking for a Recommendation for a Great Carpet Cleaning Machine

Aug 10, 2009 ... Easy for spot treating and has a scrubbrush to help get out the ground in ... to fingerpaint with mustard and ketchup on our new carpet. ...

Stain-Busting Ideas

I'm not sure if this is with every carpet type but I have just found out that with berber carpet the best thing is ... How to Get Yellow Mustard Stains Out ...

Bleach Stain on the Back of a Purple Shirt

Next question: Help-Bleach Spot on New Carpet! Any Ideas? ... How to Get Yellow Mustard Stains Out ... How to Get Highlighter off of the Carpet? ...

Booster Seat Smells like Urine :(

You might try that stuff they sell in pet stores for getting urine smell out of carpet. My mom swears it works. Thankfully, I've never had to try it. ...

How to remove chocolate stains?

I have never tried it on furniture or carpet, just clothes of all types. Helpful ? .... How to Get a Mustard Stain Out of a Shirt ...
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  • clorox bleach pen in 2 answers "On clothes it is good too, but I also like Zout and clorox bleach pen"
  • fels naptha in 2 answers "Other great stain-removing products are Fels Naptha bar (like a bar of soap, but in ..."
  • natures miracle in 5 answers "I was going to mention Natures Miracle or some sort of other pet urine enzyme solution."
  • stain remover in 3 answers "I have found the laundry detergent WHISK to be the best stain remover."
  • baking soda in 3 answers "... has worked the best for me is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda ..."