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IUD (Mirena) Vs. Nuva Ring?

IUD (Mirena) Vs. Nuva Ring? I just had my second child in May and am looking to get back on birth control. However, I really don't want to have to take a ...

Mirena Iud-future Pregnancies

I am a first time breastfeeding mom, and am leaning towards getting the Mirena. I know how everything works and am aware of possible side effects. ...

Mirena Problems

I know that many people have had a great experience with the Mirena IUC and ... on the 7-8 day. i wanted to get the mirena but my medicade would not pay for ...

Pregnancy After Removal of Mirena IUD?

I had a Mirena IUD after my first (which we got pregnant with the right away) and it took me six months to get pregnant with my second. no complications and ...


The Nuva Ring has worked great for me but the cost is just too much with this economy so I am planning to get the mirena at my next Dr visit which is next ...

Mirena Side Effects

You know how you felt before the Mirena and you know what your body is going through now. I would definitely take steps to get it corrected ASAP. ...

Mirena IUD and Breastmilk Supply Question

Does anyone have personal background on whether getting the Mirena IUD that has small amounts of hormones in it causes any decrease or plateau on breastmilk ...

Pregnancy Tests with Mirena

Read all 7 responses: "Almost two years ago I had a Mirena inserted after ... This week I am supposed to go get a blood test done to see if pregnancy can be ...

Questions About Mirena

Oct 2, 2009 ... I got Mirena put in about 10 months ago and I still spot every month here and there and I still get crampsBut it's much better than my heavy ...

Mirena IUD...Update

Will it get better or is this the way it's going to go for the duration? If a friend asked me about the Mirena IUD I would advise her not to use it...did I ...
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  • used the nuva ring in 2 answers "Hi K., I've used the nuva ring for 6 months."
  • your uterus contracts in 2 answers "Whe you breast feed your uterus contracts."
  • had the mirena iud in 3 answers "I have not had the Mirena IUD but I did have the copper one."
  • had a mirena iud in 3 answers "I had a Mirena IUD after my first (which we got pregnant with the right away) and ..."
  • mirena iud put in 2 answers "I had the Mirena IUD put in after the birth of my son (who is now 5 yoa) and needed ..."