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How to Get a Tweleve Year Old Girl to Keep Her Room Clean?

Read all 26 responses: "I have done all I know to try and get my daughter to keep her room clean, I need some suggestions so I wont just thow all her stuff ...

American Girl Doll

I have always thought the American Girl doll was too much $!! Now I am in a pickle because ... So, because she really wants one you have to get it for her? ...

9 Month Old - What to Feed and How to Get Her to Sleep?

And she didn't get her first tooth until she was 9.5 mos old, so even without teeth, they can gum up food ... I have a little girl who is just like yours. ...

American Girl Cafe in Chicago

I was thinking of making dinner reservations at the American Girl cafe for ... I thought it was a bit expensive, but how many times do you get to do this. ...

Bed Rails for "Big Girl Bed"

Get the longest bed rails you can find. Only downside is that its hard to keep ... My daughter is turning 3 this week and has been in her big girl bed for 2 ...

Bicycle with Training Wheels for Almost 4 Year Old Girl - Recommendations?

If your daughter is not a real girly girl or very clumsy, you may not need to get her a bike w/training wheels. She can actually learn to ride in about ...

Transition to a Big Girl Bed

I think I've only had to do this three times at the most. You just have to be consistent and they'll get the hang of it. Best of luck with your new Big Girl ...

Baby Girl Issues

Ask a question, get advice from millions of moms .... have the first one diagnosed by a Dr., but she is a girl with all the "girl" stuff that goes with it. ...

Seeking Princess Dress up Parties for Little Girl Birthday

This was the best birthday party I could imagine for a little girl! ... The girls come in pick out their outfits get their hair done, makeup on, ...
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  • called my party palace in 2 answers "... the place that Laurie talked about in downtown Plainfield called My Party Palace."
  • high school musical in 4 answers "I agree w/the others = High School Musical or Hannah Montana!"
  • hannah montana in 4 answers "I agree w/the others = High School Musical or Hannah Montana!"
  • both sides of the bed in 2 answers "I liked that it was for both sides of the bed so that I could have the bed anywhere ..."
  • twin size bed in 2 answers "... to a toddler bed, but within 3 months we had to upgrade her to a twin size bed."