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Solid Food Help

Is he ready for finger foods yet? The gerber puffs dissolve really easily, they are not a substitute for a whole meal, but it may ease your mind a little if ...

Ideas for Fingers Foods?

Sep 8, 2009 ... When my son was ready for finger foods I used a lot of canned fruits and veggies they are softer than .... first finger foods · gerber foods ...

Spitting Out Food

I started him on the Gerber Graduate foods or foods like them and he loved it. I think that he wanted to chew. He loved those Gerber Puffs. ...

When to Start Other Foods

The Gerber website has a GREAT guideline for what to feed baby and at what age It tells you which foods to give but you obviously use only what baby has had ...

Help My 8Mo Old Son Does'nt Want to Eat His Baby Food Anymore

Anyways what does it matter where the food comes from as long as it's healthy It doesnt matter if you mush it up or Gerber mushes it up ...

Finger Food Ideas for a Spoon-grabbing Little One

Oct 16, 2009 ... My younger children liked the Gerber fruit snacks, finger foods - puffs (shaped like stars and come in flavors), and yogurt chips. ...

Introducing My 7-Month-old to Chunkier Foods

I started giving my dd chunkier foodsmashed banana cooked apples Gerber puffs around 8 months I believe She didnt like the texture at first but I kept ...

When Do I Need to Move up to 3Rd Foods?

if you feel that he can swallow thicker foods and has a easy time chewing than i would try moving him to Stage 3 foods. Gerber Graduates are a great start! ...

Seeking Advice About Gerber Veggie Puffs

I started after I had introduced all of the foods, but before Cheerios, ... they don't contain bad additives and lots of sugars like the Gerber Puffs. ...

11-Month-old Who Refuses to Eat Chunky Foods

My daughter is 10 months and we went through the same thing, she was just not ready and now we skipped stage 3 foods, they do taste nasty, went to gerber ...
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  • start spoon feeding her cereal in 2 answers "that I can go ahead and start spoon feeding her cereal."
  • canned green beans in 2 answers "Some of their favorites were cooked carrots (or canned), canned green beans (I get ..."
  • thumb and index finger in 2 answers "... to use the pincher pick things up with the thumb and index finger."
  • sweet potato ones in 2 answers "They all loved the sweet potato ones and also the Gerber Crunchies."
  • pirates booty in 2 answers "... bag). They're a little small but melts easily in the mouth. PIRATES BOOTY ..."