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Refuses to Eat Baby Food...

He does eat gerber puffs and teething cookies but I worry about giving him .... Is it just the dinners that he refuses or baby food fruits and veggies too? ...

Almost 1 Yr. Old Still Eats Pureed Baby Food

Anything she had to chew (like chicken) I would chop it up smaller than what the Gerber baby food had it because those chunks were just too chunky for her. ...

Daughter Will Not Eat Baby Food

But he refused homemade baby food. He was a total Gerber and Earth's Best baby. Mashed potatoes is too bland. Give her carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet peas. ...

8 Month Old Refuses BABY Food!!!!!

Gerber fruit puffs are great as well. They disolve almost instantly so the risk of choking is small. I would give my daughter 1/2 jar of a 3rd foods baby ...

Daughter Cant Swallow Anything That Isnt Baby Food.

My daughter preferred pureed and baby food for a long time after that. ... If you want to help her transition then try some Gerber Puffs or Gerber Wagon ...

Is My Baby Constipated?

We just got some gerber stage 1 prunes (they have reg and organic) and that did the job quite ... If you are breastfeeding your baby is not constipated. ...

Switching from Baby Food...

She's been eating cereal and standard baby food (veggies and fruits) for 5 ... For treats, she eats Wagon Wheels, but I would avoid the Gerber puffs- the ...

Is Three Months Old Too Early to Begin Cereal, and Gerber 1St Foods?

Most ped's are going to tell you to not feed a baby anything other than milk from a .... Then I also tried the gerber 1st sweet potatoes, same result. ...

Homemade Baby Food Storage

i planned to collect some of my girlfriends gerber baby food jars and use them to store the food in the freezer so i can make it in mass quantities. but i ...

Organic Baby Food????

Gerber has an organic baby food line. They sell it at Wal-Mart and you can also buy it online at Good luck! Helpful? ...
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