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Looking to Purchase My First Home

A.C. asks from Buffalo

Well guys this is a very stressful time for me. I have looked at so many homes I don't know where to begin. I have looked in the snyder(amherst), cheektowaga (maryval...


Doctor Suggestions

R.S. asks from San Diego

My husband and I recently moved to San Diego and I am having a hard time finding a Dr. that I like AND a Dr. that does both Family Practice and OBGYN (conception, pre...


Seeking Affordable Health Ins.

L.A. asks from Detroit

Hello husband just lost his job, and we lose our health ins. on June 30th. I am desperate to find affordable health ins. for him and I until he finds a job...


Special Needs Learning Centers in the Flint Area

C.P. asks from Detroit

hi, my name is C.. my grandson is autistic. i am trying to help my daughter out. she lives in flint and does not have internet. but she needs day care for her special...


Good Doctor in San Diego, CA

A.Z. asks from San Diego

I need to a find a good OB in San Diego, CA as I am newly pregnant. Can anyone help? Thanks!!! I live near La Jolla and have United Health Care as my insurance.


Seeking Parents of Children with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorders

S.K. asks from Detroit

My 8 year old son has just been "diagnosed" (in the loosest sense of the word because only his dr can really dx him) thru the school with High functioning Autism Spec...


Seeking Advice Regarding Allergy Medicine

K.Y. asks from Detroit

My son has both eczema and allergies. He's almost 2 and his allergies this summer have been absolutely horrible. We've tried Benadryl, Claritin and most recently we...


Over Weight and Under Weight

R.A. asks from Grand Rapids

I need help with recipes. My 2 year old is obese, he weighs 48 pounds. So I have been trying to prepare less fatty and healthier foods for him. But I also have a 4 ye...


Need Some Information from Moms with an Autistic Child

A.L. asks from Lansing

My son is quickly approaching his 18 month mark, and I have some concerns about Autism. I haven't discussed any of these issues with his peditrician yet, because ever...


Tell Me Why I Should Consider Living in Your Area.

L.C. asks from Rochester

i am often wondering if we will always live in the area we are currently living in. we love rochester, ny for several reasons. 1) it is pretty affordable. 2) it is ...

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  • sharp rees stealy in 2 answers "I have had all three of my babies with Sharp Rees Stealy Dr."
  • your childs best advocate in 3 answers "... with many autistic children, you can do it, you are your childs best advocate ..."
  • scripps memorial in la in 2 answers "They are located in the XIMED building near Scripps Memorial in La Jolla."
  • your local school district in 4 answers "I would contact your local school district and ask for an evaluation."
  • mary birch hospital in 2 answers "... their offices right across the street from Sharp Memorial/Mary Birch hospital."