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Clorine Free Pool Info Needed

We just moved into a house with a huge inground pool and we are going to make a large initial investment in order to put in the salt generator and ozonator. ...

Seeking Tutor for 9 Yr Old Son with Possible ADHD

You can Google Parents Helping Parents to find a letter generator to ask your district for assessment and services. The wording is very effective. ...

Seeking Advice on Saline Pools

There is still chlorine involved though, the generator uses the salt to convert to ... ChlorKing has developed a patented, on-site hypochlorite generator ...

Help with Multipacation

They also have a free printable worksheet generator that includes an answer key. ... There is a "contact us" link just below the generator links. ...

"Musty Smelling Suitcase"

My absolute favorite cure for any must or organic odor is an ozone generator.... clears mold, cigar/cigarette smoke, pet mistakes, athletic equipment odors ...

Suggestions for Investments in My Home

If your area's is prone to power outages, you might think about a back up generator. We were with out power for 3-4 days few years back, the Fireplace just ...

Need Some Good Baby Name Websites or Books

They also have a random name generator that is quite fun. Good luck on finding a name! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Travel Trailers That Are Easy to Tow Behind and SUV

You may want to purchase a small generator too. Get a dutch oven-you can cook anything on the campfire-even cake! It's great to be able to leave the trailer ...

Want Opinions on Having a Pool

(We set our pool up as the saltwater variety with a chlorine generator, so we just let the pool take care of making it's own chlorine. I just check the ...

Need Help in Choosing New Dishwasher!

Would love to talk to you more about living off-grid - you guys solar, wind, generator? Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...
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  • extra furnace filters in 2 answers "Including the garage door if you have one. Buy extra furnace filters and change regularly ..."
  • had a salt water pool in 2 answers "I just had a salt water pool put in last year and we love it."
  • basket on the lower rack in 2 answers "I just love has the basket on the lower rack..loads up nicely and has the higher ..."
  • no chlorine smell in 2 answers "No green hair or red eyes, and no chlorine smell."
  • social security website in 2 answers "... think the site that actually helped us the most was the social security website."