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Seeking Any Advice on What to Use on My Daughters Sore.

Instead of using band aids, gets some guaze pads use special bandage tape to keep it secure or either gauze bandaging, all of which can be purchased at a ...

Newborn Soaking Clothes When Pees

I don't think the circumcision and gauze have anything to do with it. ... We didn't have to use any gauze with our son either, just squeezed out the ...

Advice on Polyp Surgery

... have more than just a piece of gauze under the nose to catch any drips. this is also much better b/c you don't have to remove the gauze which apparently ...

First Aid Kit

Your basic items: bandaids (several sizes), gauze, tape, scissors, peroxide, cotton balls, Qtips, burn ointment, rubber gloves, aspirins, antiseptic wipes, ...

Experiences with Circumcision

Oct 7, 2009 ... Taking care of it afterward was not a problem either - just some vaseline and some gauze for about a week and it was all healed. ...

HELPPP Poison Ivy Weeping Horribly!!!

This morning is was weeping a little, and I put three pieces of gauze across it to keep it from getting on my pants and boots, and it has just gotten a ...

Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

At each diaper change, put a gauze pad over the area and put the diaper on. The coolness may be uncomfotable for a few seconds, but the lactic acid in the ...

My C-section Incision Has an Odor

Use the diluted tincture and dab on the wound using fresh, sterile gauze 3-5 times per ... My doctor also told me to get gauze pads and place them over it, ...

Newly Potty Trained Allergy to Underwear?

... you could try the Nuskin (paint on "bandaid") or even some antibacterial stuff (neosporin) with some gauze and paper tape wrapped around the gauze to ...

Brushing Baby's First Teeth

He said with the first couple of teeth you could even just wrap some gauze around your fingertip and use that to massage the gums and brush the little ...
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  • remedy called rhus tox in 2 answers "Go to the health food store and get a homeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox."
  • terribly allergic to poison ivy in 2 answers "I am terribly allergic to poison ivy, I have already had it twice this summer."
  • 1 percent cortizone cream in 2 answers "... helped with the itching...# 1 don't get too hot and second 1% Cortizone cream ..."
  • poison ivy soap in 2 answers "I believe that Burt's Bees has a poison ivy soap that contains Jewelweed, along with ..."
  • clear up the diaper rash in 3 answers "If this didn't clear up the diaper rash - then they would have prescribed me something."