gates to keep cats out

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Advice on Crib Climbing

I had sold my crib tent months ago so I couldn't use it - always used it to keep the cats out....never thought I should save it for him climbing out! ...

Dogs and New Babies - Need Advice!!

There's no need to get rid of him unless he acts out violently or starts toturn ... dogs and cats should be introduced to children and babies while they are ...

Toddler Bed Advice Needed

I think I've heard that someone makes some sort of 'net' or something that's supposed to keep things like cats out and kids in? Try a search on ...

Advice on Keeping Birds Away from Pool

I know someone who hangs old CD's from trees to keep birds away. ... You could try getting a dog or cat that goes out into the yard regularly - we have ... fence and you couln't even open the gate without your hand being coated in poop. ...

My 13 Month Old Fell from His Crib Yesterday. Why Am I So Anxious?

Oct 25, 2009 ... I rushed him to the hospital to get checked out, and the doctor gave him the all clear. ... I was told to keep an eye on him for the next couple days and he should .... to check into a crib tent (they are wonderful for keeping cats out, ... bed & put up a hardware mounted baby gate in his door way. ...

What Is the Best Solution for Getting Urine Smell Out of Carpet??

I have pet/baby gates which restrict the dogs to the back area of the .... You could also spray some Dog be gone stuff in that area so he doesn't KEEP peeing on it. ... Does Anyone Know How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpet? ...

Cat Scratched 10.5 Month Old

Just keep the cat out or away from child. My son had the white of his eye ... my daughter and cats, i.e setting up a baby gate situation so that there's at ...

Cat Peeing

If in the litter box you can keep her inthere till she goes then once she does ... I changed the cat litter and started scooping it out everday and changing ... her out of the room works, they make tall baby/toddler gates that shut/lock ...

How to Get Dog Stains Out of Carpeting

You will need to do something to keep the dog away from the area until this is all ..... Does Anyone Know How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpet? ...

How Do You Discipline a 9 Month Old?

Just put the dish out of the way. Gate off the room, put it up high, whatever. .... We keep the cats' food, water and litter box in our bathroom, ...
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