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How to Clean Tar/asphalt Stain in Dryer

Sep 27, 2009 ... The dryer drum now has tar stains on it and I have no idea how..." ... solvent · gas dryer · clothes dryer · Stain Remover ...

Advice and Opinion on Stackable W/D

I had a GE stackable with a gas dryer. It was full size so load size was not a problem. I loved it and would trade my side by side in a heart beat to have ...

Need Help with Line Drying

And you aren't using any electricity (I have gas) for heat because you aren't using any ... They actually are much softer drying them totally in the dryer. ...

Infant with Gas

My son really never had really bad gas but at the times that he did get it he .... I put him in a warm bath, or wrapped him in a towel warmed in the dryer. ...

Melted Crayon in My Dryer!

If your dryer is gas, allow it to air out for a few hours after using the WD-40, before starting it up on a heat cycle. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove ...

Awful Smell

Sometimes when I ran the dryer the smell would be awful. ... sometimes shower drains allow sewer gas to swell up into your house when they are not used and ...

What to Use to Clean (Laundry) Washer ...Washer Smells Alittle Musty....

I think a gas dryer would also require that the gas be shut off but I don't really know about that. You can call an appliance repair shop and ask them about ...

Recommendations for Appliance Repair

Read all 5 responses: "My gas dryer has decided to quit on me, and before replacing it I was wanting to have a repair man come out and look at it.

Help!!!! How Do You Get Stuck on Gum Out of a Dryer???

Aug 26, 2009 ... i found some stuff on the internet and I took dryer sheets and a bowl of .... gas dryer · clothes dryer · appliance store · dryer parts ...

Fires from Static Electricity in Laundry

When the excess lint gets on the open flame of a gas dryer or the heating element of an electric dryer it will light up like a tinder box! ...
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