fussiness after vaccination

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6 Month Old Keeps Waking up During the Night

Did the change come after a vaccination? Have his stools changed? Helpful? .... He would get fussy, but he would always go right back to sleep. ...

Diarrhea in 6 Month Old

She is also really fussy and had a hard time trying to sleep yesturday. ... Her pediatrician can advise what to do after seeing her. .... Sounds like she is either having a reaction to the vaccination, or she has an intestinal bug. ...

Ear Pulling

He is not eating well, nor is he sleeping well and very fussy. Help! .... Also after this clears up ask about Prevnar, a vaccination against ear infections. ...

Anyone Had a Child with Measles?

She very fussy and tires easily and of course doesn't want to sleep so it's ... You were most likely vaccinated against them. I would do what you can to get ... My daughter had it just after she turned one and my son got it at 8 weeks. ...

Red Spots on Roof of Mouth and Tongue

Her fever broke the day after I posted and the spots and sores in her mouth immediately started to improve. .... very fussy, not eating or drinking) and got dehydrated. .... Chickepox Vaccine (1 Yr Old) - What Experiences Did You Have? ...

Chicken Pox

Just keep lots of tylenol or motrin around he will be fussy but atleast at nine ... Has your child had the vaccine and if he has it is not uncommon to get a ...

Hunger, Sleepy or Colic?!?!?

... infection Lots of babies get them after vaccinations If she is sleeping on .... kids got their vaccinations at that age they were fussier and slept more ...

Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

No trips to the hospital but a cranky fussy not sleeping two year old is no ...... My brother is vaccine damaged and my uncles baby died after vaccines. ...

12 Month Vaccinations

I also choose not to get the chickenpox vaccine because after doing the .... after the vaccines to see if they run a fever or are extra fussy before giving ...

Three Month Old Cries When Pooping

did you recently give him the Roto viruse vaccine this will cause painfull pooping sometimes ... Consistently Fussy 4Week Old ...
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