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Allergy Free Dog

I was told by an allergist that there is NO non-allergic dog...some breeds are less-so ... Very smart and very funny. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Lab Digging up Drip System

... wrong (since at that time she was our baby LOL funny how things change when you ... And she's an inside dog. The good news is, she grew out of her puppy ...

20 Month Old Climbing on & Hitting Do I Do a Time Out?

Our dog is 5 years old and weighs 120 pounds. ... I can promise you I use a stern voice with him and never giggle (I do not want him to think it is funny). ...

Anyone See "Marley and Me"

Instead, I took them to see Dog Hotel which was perfect for kids. Adorable dogs, clever kids, funny antics. Might also get people thinking about adopting a ...

How to Explain

My puppy dog that was just 5 months old got ahold of a plastic ant killer device I think on Saturday, was acting funny yesterday, and today just a couple of ...

How to Help Kids (AND ME) Get Through Loss of a Beloved Dog :(

For me, at one time, my dog was like my child, since I didn't have any yet. .... I made a list of all of the funny memories, goofy things she had done over ...

4 Girl Year Old Out of Control

I don't laugh and I till her its not a game or funny. PLEASE HELP! ... dressed, feed the dog, brush teeth...etc. expect her to keep up with her ...

3 And Half Year Old Son Likes to Hit/mess with Neighbour Girl

Jun 18, 2009 ... She cries and he feeds from it and just thinks it funny. ... Whenever we see a neighbor dog, I ask the owner if we can pet the animal. ...

What to Do About Toddler Scared to Sleep Alone

After the movie she thought monsters are funny and not scarey. ... We also designated one of her stuffed animals (a stuffed dog) that she slept with as her ...

My Son and Dogs

Let him see other children playing with a dog. Comment on how funny the dog is being. Maybe next time encouage him to come closer and say someting to the ...
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